Comparing Mass Effect's Mako and Star Fox 64's Landmaster

Yes...yes. I know. You just bought a new car, and the mileage sucks. There are so many alien and archaic worlds to explore however. Luckily, Slippy Toad; Peppy Hare; and Falco Lombard have your tail. As Fox Mcloud, you commandeer the Landmaster Tank. Gameplay of Star Fox 64's Landmaster --> here: [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zokUjwpt2Bk] Alternatively, as commander Shepard, you commandeer the M35 Mako.

Powered by an hydrogen-oxygen fuel cell, the Mako can sustain itself in averse conditions. Gameplay of Mass Effect's Mako --> here: [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OlxiMxcDnY8] Ever thought about how eerily similar the Mako on-land missions are to the Landmaster Tank's? Me neither. C'mon, look closer. Look at the two videos, so you can compare and contrast for yourself. Although, Star Fox 64 did release well over a decade ago on the N64. Mass Effect released in 2007 on the xbox 360 and PC. Then later on the PS3. I secretly despised those Make on-land missions in Mass Effect...they were a complete drag.  

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  1. I much rather have the Star Fox 64 one, it looks cooler and seem like it can do more damage


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