Some Explosive Gum + Facemaker = Some of the Best Video Game Gadgets

A computer explodes in my lap. Some of the best gadgets in video games have helped us (excluding the exploding laptop). These gadgets have helped us to beat levels, slay bosses, and solve puzzles. Shooting the shit was my favorite past-time. Video games such as Portal have introduced us to the Portal Gun. Legend of Zelda introduced us to the Hookshot. A slick-device that sweeps Link off of his feet to safety. Or to a higher platform. Half-Life 2 introduced us to the Gravity Gun. Mission Impossible on the PS1 and N64 had inventive gadgets.

Gadgets culled from the movie, it was based off. Now, imagine the calamity of "Explosive Gum." Or the horrid fate of someone whom just had their identity stolen. The "Facemaker" was this gadget. And more. It was Kool to clip someones wings; and not just rummage for some key card. No...no. I stole his oily-pimpled-face right off of him. Then I preceded to auspiciously roam around a military base disguised as him -- fooling my adverseries with every step I took. What a Trill.

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