The Bumbling Idiot

He got angry and sad at the same time -- a peculiar feeling, as depression settled in and he embraced his darkest fears. He turned out to be everything they were not. The Bumbling Idiot never saw it coming when his dinners were no longer warmed up for him. He came home to an abusive father; and he would witness domestic violence for a very long time. The Bumbling Idiot was harassed by the neighborhood thugs. He was an easy target, one of the thugs said. The Bumbling Idiot didn't have a chance to explain himself before he was accused. No one paid much attention to what he had to say, one school teacher says. The Bumbling Idiot however had something to say to the contrary. He would never be able to showcase his brilliance because he faced numerous obstacles. He couldn't talk to you about his problems, nor did he have the courage to do so. He was a loner and felt no one wanted to give him a chance to speak, as he kept tight lipped, held back by his own inhibitions. Everyone thought he was a bumbling idiot, one student says. He panicked at the thought of talking to you, sweated a lot, or he'd be in his own world, a female classmate says of The Bumbling Idiot. The Bumbling Idiot made his way through school by hitting the books and cramming in summer school, keeping to himself. He was a very quiet student, one teacher says.

No one really liked him, one of his seventh grade classmates said. The Bumbling Idiot showed no interest in his education, his guidance counselor said. He was teased a lot, one student said. He was always made fun of and put down by others, one student says. One student recalled a situation where the Bumbling Idiot got into an altercation with another student and everyone threw their lunch at the Bumbling Idiot. He was saddened and distraught, as students took pictures of him and uploaded it to their facebooks. Continue on.

The bumbling idiot handed in his work on time but always felt his work wasn't any better than his classmates work. He had no confidence as the walls moved in on him. How could he succeed in a classroom dominated by rowdy kids, he thought. Why does he even try, one student said -- no one likes him. No one loved him or appreciated his thoughts, as he felt trapped in school and its structures. He was truly a bumbling idiot to others. Not knowing what to do, he examined his favorite classes and learned to appreciate sports for its teamwork. There he couldn't be judged harshly if his skills were good enough, he thought.

So he practiced day and night to achieve his goal. The coach looked at him stupefied, and the other kids mocked him because of his weight and height. I can't believe this geek is trying out, one teammate said as everyone laughed alongside of him. Although, he would still get his chance to showcase his skills at try-outs. He would soon be out shinned out shinned and outplayed by his more gregarious teammates. The Bumbling Idiot started to feel even more unloved and unwanted. He withdrew and gave up on basketball. He is so ugly, one student said as The Bumbling Idiot walked through the hallways after leaving try-outs, dripping in sweat. Other kids turned his face at him and continued talking in their groups. I wanted to escape because I could feel every intuitive energy directed towards me. The cardinal energy directed towards a purpose. He just wanted to escape at that point. I couldn't deal with this. I just wanted to be liked for who I was.

The Bumbling Idiot was too shy, too reserved, and too suspicious to others. The bumbling idiot could not talk to his own friends and family about his problems -- let alone girls. Eyes peered all over him. In his misers, he was shown kindness and sympathy from others, and they expected nothing in return. They would be bewildered by the speed of his intellect, knowledge and his ideas -- once turned on, he couldn't stop sharing. He decided to immerse himself in all activities where the objective was to share. They didn't see it coming, as he grew a little taller in stature. Although, the bumbling idiot had problems speaking in front of people as well as conversation, he would soon overcome this. The bumbling idiot felt his own vibrations in the speaker as his voice projected and he had conquered another fear. Even though he was still the same bumbling idiot that everyone knew, he was almost humbled by the experience and struggle. 

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