Havok Launches Project Anarchy, a Free 3D Mobile Engine

Today Project Anarchy, Havok's free production engine, was officially unleashed on to the public. Independent or major developers on mobile platforms iOS, Android and Tizen can fetch the toolkit. The toolkit includes C++ architecture, a program to manage your assets, game samples that can be customized, tutorials and Lua debugging. Project Anarchy is the embodiment of Havok's Vision Engine. The current Anarchy toolsets are infused with the company's established toolkit of AI, animation and physics tools found in Havok's Vision Engine. Assassin's Creed, Uncharted and Halo use the aforementioned tools.

Ross O'Dwyer, Havok's head of developer relations, affirmed that these very tools are used by console and PC developers. "This complete set of tools lends powerful graphics, physics and animation capabilities to mobile game development teams for free regardless of team and project size," Ross O'Dwyer said of Project Anarchy.

Source: Polygon

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