PlayStation Plus This Month: Dues Ex Human Revolution and Saints Row: The Third

The third game in the Dues Ex and Saints Row franchises will see a release this month on PlayStation Plus, as new additions to the services' Instant Game Collection [IGM). PlayStation Blog:

"PS Plus members can download Deus Ex: Human Revolution (normally $19.99), Machinarium (normally $9.99) and Saints Row: the Third (normally $39.99) for free on PS3, as well as Orc Attack ($49.99) and Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward ($34.99) free for Vita.

Additionally, beginning June 4, Sony will be offering discounts on a handful of other titles. Let's Fish: Hooked On for PS Vita will be available at 50 percent off for $19.99, and will be $10 for PS Plus members. Portal 2 for PS3 will be available at 40 percent off for $15.99, or $9.59 for PS Plus members, and its In-Motion add-on bringing PS Move compatibility is 40 percent off at $7.99, or $4.79 with PS Plus. Grid 2 will be 10 percent off at $59.99, or $53.99 for PS Plus members." http://tinyurl.com/mupznjn < -- here: Run-down here.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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