“War. War Never Changes.” PlayStation Store Update E3 Edition

This week marks a special E3 edition of the Playstation Store Update. With it, comes lots of good shit. *Whistle* Hey, cabbie. Take me to Tmes Square. Kicking off the PS3 side of things: highlights include -- > The Last of Us, < -- which is still avaible for pre-order, fellas, ladies, and it will release this Friday, 6/14, at 12:01AM. All for the price of $59.99. Furthermore, get your alien-rampage on in Aliens: Colonial Marines for $39.99. Lastly, on the PS3 side of the picket fence, Final Fantasy XIII-2 comes in at the budget-price of $19.99. *Whistle* Hey, papi. Take me downtown. On the PSN side of the spectrum, Tekken Revolution, get this, is available on the store for free. *Whistle* Cabbie, my good man, Im headed to wall street, and I need to get there in a jiffy. I'll make it worth your while. The PS Vita offering sees Flying Hamster HD available for $3.99. And, two PS2 classics: Contra: Shattered Soldier and Pirates: Legend of the Black Buccaneer, that both cost $9.99. Full update is at the source.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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