Save You Sum Money: So GTA V's Collectors Edition Costs $149.99 Rockstar?

The GTA V collectors edition is a fascinating example of out of control pricing structures. Its not fascinating because of its contents; although, it should be. Here's the problem: the game includes three editions: a standard, special, and collectors edition. In all likelihood, if you were going to splurge, you're going to pick up the collectors edition anyways. But, all other gamers be forewarned: stay away from the collectors edition. Now that we've established some comm-uni-cation, we can crunch the facts, numbers, and all those tiny; rather, elusive details to save you money. There's a Pre-order incentive at retailers Amazon and Gamestop that include  "the ability to pilot the most iconic and leisurely aircraft in the Los Santos skies", the Automatic Blimp, which is the only incentive to Pre-order the $59.99 < -- (Lotta $$) standard edition. On the other end of the spectrum, here's the Amazon page of the special edition, and what it includes --> here:[Amazon page for GTA V PS3 special edition:] [http://www.amazon.com/Grand-Theft-Special-Edition-Playstation-3/dp/B00CY92XU0/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1370386729&sr=8-2&keywords=GTA+V] Some will forgo all this together, and upon release pick up the digital copy. It might be less of a hassle.

But, your buddy already has his five dollars down for the Pre-order. So, STOP, and listen up. There are so many predicaments and peculiar situations in the world. So, why spend more money than is necessary on a product? Unless you're a compulsive; and/ or impulsive consumer, SLO--W it down, why don't ya? Its not a race to clinch the latest and newest gadget of the time. No...not even close. Its a growing E-Market out there; however, you're rewarded for spending wisely, rather than exuberantly. Be a wise-guy, not an associate, KA--PEESH? Furthermore, some notable pieces in the special edition of the game include a myriad of DLC pieces, as well as the blueprint map that can be used in the game. And a steel book with game art. This special edition bundle costs only $79.99 < -- (Lotta $$). Here's the page to the collectors edition -- > here: Along with all of the above, some notable pieces include a New Era Cap and Security Deposit Bag.

 The collectors edition of the game is an astounding $149.99. Blasphemous. Again, unless, your house hold spends uncontrollably, you're going to be out of $149.99 < -- (Lotta $$), and someone's going to notice the missing funds. The disparity equates to a large number of "Googling" eyes, as they scurry for the best price comparison website, to no anvil; however, they discover that the prices have rocketed. They're regular people just like you and I. It is a very big step. They may be buying gifts for you or me. In addition, the DLC is a subjective expenditure, as some fans are still averse to DLC. Likewise, the steel book and deposit's craft and quality have to come up for inspection, although I don't expect it to add up to any amount past $70, like in question. That $70 dollar difference is another video game. Like the Last of Us. The New Era snapback included normally carries a sticker price of $26, but you're also taking into account wholesale prices, which could equate to one-third of that price. So are you a con-SUM-er, or a consumer? Be on the look-out for next week's "Save You Sum Money," where we attempt to save you some money by informing you on the latest discounting and pricing trends. I'm signing off for today folks, however I'll be back after I pull my head out of the toilet...hey, did you like this article?  Subscribe -- >

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