The "Last of Us" Engine is Being Ported Over to PS4

The development team behind "The Last of Us," Naughty Dog isn't developing just any regular 'ol engine for the next generation platform, the PS4. The development team is however building upon the building blocks that encapsulated four PS3 games. With hopes of alleviating a difficult transitioning of developer tools and assets.

Bruce Staley, the game's director had this to say to Digital Spy in a recent interview: "We learned a big lesson coming from PS2 to PS3. There was a lot of hype over what next-gen was going to be. It was all going to be like movies, like a pre-rendered cutscene-style fidelity. That turned out not to be true. Granted, what we're able to do now is pretty damn close, but it took Naughty Dog four games to get there - one of the top developers in the industry with some on the most amazing scientists working in our programming department. We learned our lesson in saying, as we move into development into next-gen, we want to take our current engine, port it immediately over as is."


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