Gee Wiz: Whistle Dog Tracker Available for Pre-Order

Whistle! Hey pooch. A company by the name of Whistle, Whistle Whistle...no, Whistle. The company is delving into the $50 billion dollar per year Pet Industry with Whistle...No, the device. The device in question monitors and keeps tabs on your pooch for you. How you like them apples, pooch? Whistle functions by connecting to your pet's collar, electrifying his routine with..health statistics and numbers. Here's what you also get for your $100: Whistle really does have your pooch in mind; no, it really does, as the company shares all of this data with your pet's doctor. As well as being inputted into a database that researchers around the world have access to. Your pooch's next collar will run you about one hundred bucks. I can see the accessoies now --GAAH.

Source: Engadget

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