Something of a Role Model

The adoring crowd chatted her up, and embraced her with warm hugs. I couldn't believe how beloved she was. And who was this "It" girl, anyway? That, I had to find out, I stated under my breath. The white blinds, and light drapes leaped out at me first in the dimly lit room we were in. As I inched closer to her, I observed the room with a self-imposed cautiousness, through my wide and focused eyes, that popped like corks. Thinking to myself that I didn't want to impose. Out of the corner of my eyes, I peered at her two to three times, before my sight fixated on her. I took notice of the vanilla-white cocoon sheets she was wrapped in as the sheets draped all over her toned body. What a stunningly dressed, and beautiful light-skin African American Women, I thought to myself. I pretended I measured up to her. The beautiful women was very complaisant -- enough so, to lend me her ear. I looked away from her for a moment, and the image in the mirror dissolved. I then stepped on the scale and it read: "209 pounds."

"I didn't have many role models growing up, but I looked up to Aaliyah  the singer and actress. When she died, I was so sad. I wanted to be just like her, and imitate her. She seemed so humble. Even during her time in the spotlight and public eye. I loved her for the fact that she accomplished so much in her lifetime, and inspired people." - My girlfriend. What does role model mean, anyway? "A person who serves as a model in a particular behavioral or social role for another person to emulate." [http://www.thefreedictionary.com/role+model] All my life, I was labeled the "slacker," or "fat girl." Labels that, over time, over stayed their welcome. You know that feeling. You're free falling through endless pitfalls, and the ground fails to catch your fall. I'm living through that now, Kelly stated. I'm a loner; I have no role models -- no direction; and I fear relationships, she thought. I'll never be good enough. Robert, a mischievous youth, similarly, had no positive role models.

Robert's role models were the Hip-Hop stars on television and the hustlers in his neighborhood. "I wanted to imitate them because, growing up, they were the only role models I had." Kelly, just starting college, knew she could pull it off with hard work. Eventually, that's what I achieved  I graduated top of my class, all because I wanted to be like those Harvard grads, or PhD's  I continued to pursue college with a passion. Finally, after all my hard work and persistence, I graduated, feeling very proud of myself. Although, desiring more accomplishments, Kelly declared. Next, I wanted to lose on hundred pounds. I never thought I would be in this position, Robert contemplated. Here I was trafficking drugs to the neighborhood fiends. The same drugs my Mother was strung-out on for years. My small community was already appalled, and outraged at the amount of drugs. Drugs that flooded and entrenched our communities. As I flooded more of these mean streets with nickel and dime bags, continuing the cycle.

It alarmed no one that I'd also be into hijacking cars, and selling the parts. There was a thrill and profit in it, Robert insisted to himself. Robert had to get by in life by any means. He never had anything, no family. Yet maybe his schemes didn't work out for him, but this is all he knew. Robert had to pay for his actions though, and yet no one was alarmed at the fact that he would be headed to a prison. What did shock my parents, and friends (and to my bewilderment,) was me graduating from High School with honors, Kelly said; then, subsequently graduating University with a 4.0; and, then pursuing a successful career in Fashion. It was a surprise to me because I faced tough obstacles, confronting my own insecurities in the process. Deep down inside, I always believed I had what it took, and called on my role models to guide me. I accomplished what I set out to do, all within a span of five rock-solid, albeit, arduous years, at that. Yet the hard-work paid off big time, Kelly stated proudly.

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